Eight singers from Munich with one goal: to combine the art of a cappella music with the aesthetic of the solo voice. In the space between solo and tutti, individuality and voice blending, con and senza vibrato, the ensemble finds its characteristic sound. The eight vocalists know each other from years of singing in Munich’s professional church ensembles and many are graduates of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Influenced by the various artistic biographies of the musicians, vodeon’s repertoire has but one criterion: regardless of style, era, or language, it must be music into which the artists can breathe life, and by which the audience can be moved.


Soprano: Caroline Adler, Murni Suwetja

Alto: Clara Horbach, Hana Katsenes

Tenor: Thomas Baron, Berthold Schindler

Bass: Maximilian Höcherl, Manuel Winckhler


Artistic Director: Thomas Baron